Lesson Of The Chickpea: Overconfidence Can Kill You (No. 2)

Have you ever learned something valuable from a cooking incident? Some do, others don't overthink when they cook. This is the first in a series of introspective observations based on a personal cooking experience. Enjoy!


Cuando Amor Pierde Respeto

Cuando se pierde el repeto, en realidad no hay nada mas a que aferrarse. El amor es tierno, lo puede todo, pero no duele.

When Love Lost Respect

When love lost respect; when all love and mutual respect is lost, there really is no need to hold on. Love is kind, love conquers all, it forgives, but it does not hurt.

Almonds, Mangoes, and Volcanoes (Ice-Breaker Speech #1)

As expected of the Toastmasters International Pathways program, I presented my first Ice-Breaker speech (4-6 minutes). It was perfect (during rehearsal) but once I was up there, I noticed some people yawning at 3min, others looking away, and the anxiety was brutal ... so I cut my presentation short by nearly 2 minutes and skipped the last two paragraphs altogether! I decided to play it safe out nervousness, and I remained posted on one corner of the stage. I am sure I looked like a frightened kitty, to say the very least. My evaluator gave excellent feedback, and also suggested that I move around the stage more.

See Me, Love Me, Hear Me

Do you see me? Do you see me sitting on the chair across your face? Just watch me observing your every shadow, your every movement, pore, and wrinkle. I’m here! Look at me,

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